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What is the difference among EDT, EDP and Parfum?

Among the eau de toilette (EDT), eau de parfum (EDP) and perfume, it becomes difficult to make the difference! In a few words, we explain you the difference between

It is all about concentration level..

In fact it is pretty simple: when we create a perfume, we define its concentration in raw materials. Its depends on the fragrance’s personality and style. The more the perfume is concentrated, the longer it will last on your skin! The difference among EDT, EDP and perfume is therefore mainly related to their concentration in raw materials. For information, the persistence of a fragrance on your skin is also directly influenced by its ingredients. That’s why some of them, like sweet ingredients for instance, will naturally make the perfume last longer on your skin.

Eau De Toilette (EDT)

The eau de toilette is more concentrated, and commonly found in perfumeries. Its light wake stays on your skin about half a day, while it varies from skin to skin. It depends of course on the quantity of perfume sprayed…

Eau De Parfum (EDP)

More concentrated in raw materials and therefore more intense than the EDT, the eau de parfum (EDP) is perfect for your daily life. It will stick to your skin almost a day, and be noteworthy by its delicacy.

Pure Perfume (Parfum)

Finally, the perfume (also called extract, pure perfume or perfume essence at Carrément Belle) is even more powerful and subtle. We generally save it for the most precious moments. A few drops are enough to leave an olfactory print in your wake…

Choosing the right type of fragrance is important, but do you know where to perfume yourself? Discover here which are the best parts of your body to apply an eau de toilet, an eau de parfum or a perfume!

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